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Unlock effortless and secure referral success for your winery

At Vintools, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that wineries face in the ever-evolving digital marketplace. That’s why we’ve crafted a solution tailored specifically for Commerce7 users to seamlessly sync your orders and customers to ReferralCandy.

In addition to real-time order and customer data syncing, we also fully automate the coupon management aspect taking the heavy lifting out of your advocate reward system with security in mind.

Each advocate code is configured for single-use redemption, safeguarding your rewards from misuse and ensuring the integrity of your referral program. But we don’t stop there—our post-purchase convenience includes a hidden widget on your receipt page, meeting ReferralCandy’s tracking requirements effortlessly. No need for code updates on your website, especially for users of Commerce7’s V2 front-end widgets.

Elevate your winery’s referral strategy with Vintools for a seamless and secure integration. Cheers to a new era of marketing success!

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Sync Order and Customer Details Effortlessly

Onboard with Vintools for automatic synchronization of the last two months of order data to ReferralCandy. Real-time order updates keeps your data in ReferralCandy current, maximizing your referral potential using their automatic purchase follow-up features

To get started, simply install our app in your Commerce7 admin panel

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Automated Coupon Management Made Easy

Simplify your advocate reward system with Vintools. Just input your preferences, and our app generates 500 unique coupons for your ReferralCandy campaign. Receive a CSV file for swift import—effortless from start to finish.

Fortify Your Rewards Against Misuse

Vintools ensures each advocate code generated in Commerce7 is redeemable only once. Protect your rewards from sharing and misuse, maintaining the integrity of your referral program.

Post-Purchase Convenience with Hidden Widgets

We add a hidden widget on your receipt page to fulfill ReferralCandy’s tracking requirements and enhance fraud detection. No code updates needed for Commerce7’s V2 front-end widgets—seamless integration for effortless tracking.

Tailored Support for Your Unique Needs

Our commitment extends beyond automation. If you’re not using Commerce7’s V2 widgets, count on Vintools for step-by-step guidance and code support. Alternatively, let us handle updates for you, ensuring a smooth integration experience.

Elevate Your Referral Strategy with Confidence

Trust Vintools to streamline complexities, ensuring a seamless and secure integration with ReferralCandy. Elevate your winery’s marketing strategy with our advanced automation and customization. Cheers to a thriving referral program!

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