Mailchimp for WineDirect

Bring your wineries marketing capabilities to the 21st century with our Mailchimp integration for WineDirect!

Each customer will have their order history, club memberships, and contact types they’re assigned to in WineDirect to unlock all new segmentation capabilities in Mailchimp!

We also bring your products from WineDirect to Mailchimp so you can feature recommended products in your campaigns, automations, and customer journeys.

No setup fees!

No feature restrictions, just your data

Sign up for our WineDirect Mailchimp integration and pay us nothing more than your $50/month subscription fee! On top of that, there’s no limit to how many customers, orders, or products you can have,  we’ll bring everything you need!

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setup fee!

5 Minute Setup

In just five minutes, you can connect with ecommerce customers through Mailchimp and keep all their details updated. You’ve spent enough time managing Excel sheets and CSV files, you shouldn’t have to spend more than necessary to start marketing to your customers. The setup takes just three simple steps:

  1. Sign up with Mailchimp
  2. Create an account in Vintools and enter your billing details
  3. Enter your WineDirect webservice credentials
  4. Connect Vintools to your Mailchimp account with the click of a button

That’s it, you’re done! No complicated steps to worry about, we now have everything we need to bring your data into Mailchimp

Automations and Personalizations

Send the right message at the right time

It couldn’t be easier to send personalized product recommendations based on each customers purchase history, reward your customers who have a certain lifetime value with a special promotional email, or even follow up with those who haven’t purchased within a specific period of time.

With Mailchimp’s automations, you can start to communicate with your customers as soon as they place their first order, make product recommendations based off of their purchase history, or even send post purchase follow-up emails to reviews and recommendations!

What about unsubscribes?

It happens to all of us – a customer decides to opt out of your marketing campaign.

We don’t want to upset your customers or have your campaign emails be flagged as spam by sending to someone who’s already unsubscribed. Not to worry, when someone unsubscribes in Mailchimp, their preference is saved in Vintools so they remain unsubscribed when their information is updated in WineDirect.

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