Facebook Pixel

Have Vintools unlock the full potential of Facebook Pixel and Conversion Tracking on your WineDirect website to get the most out of your Facebook ads.

Standard Pixel Events

Add to Cart, Purchase, and more!

By adding the Facebook pixel with support for most standard events, you can track your customers actions while such as:

  • What products they’re viewing when on a product drilldown page
  • Products added to their cart anywhere on the site
  • If they begin the checkout process
  • If they make a purchase
  • If they signup for a club membership

For each of these events, we send as much information as possible to Facebook. Almost all events send Facebook the currency being used for the website, what page the customer just came from, and their language.

When a customer views a product drilldown or adds a product to their cart, product details like the title, price, SKU, and quantity of products added to their cart are sent to Facebook.

Once a customer lands on the checkout page, Facebook is given the information that a customer has entered the checkout process along with how many items are in their cart, and if a customer completes their purchase, Facebook is provided with the SKU, quantity, and price for each item the customer purchased.

Conversion Tracking

By sending as much detail as possible to Facebook, you will be able to get a deeper insight to the effectiveness of your ads and easily add conversion tracking to your website.

We utilize Facebook’s Advanced Matching to send as much customer information as possible like their:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • City, state, and zip code

By providing these additional details, you can optimize your ads for more conversions and build larger re-marketing audiences, all from Facebook!

Dynamic Ads

With the Facebook Pixel and Conversion Tracking installed on your site, you can upload your products to the Facebook Catalog to enable Dynamic Ads and automatically promote products to your customers.

Get Started!

There is a one time fee of $250 to install the Facebook Pixel with standard events enabled and Conversion Tracking on your WineDirect site, and you need to be using (or upgrade to) the V2 checkout on WineDirect.

Contact us using the form below to get started with unlocking the full power of Facebook Ads and Conversion Tracking on WineDirect