Customer Connect

Manually importing your eCommerce customers into MailChimp is a tedious task you can leave behind. Customer Connect does it for you automatically for just $25 a month

5 Minute Setup

In just five minutes, you can connect with eCommerce customers through MailChimp and keep all their details updated. You’ve spent enough time managing Excel sheets and CSV files, you shouldn’t have to spend more than necessary to start using our Customer Connect tool

The setup takes just three simple steps:

  1. Create your account in Vintools
  2. Grant Vintools access to your company in Commerce7 or provide your WineDirect API credentials
  3. Connect Vintools to your MailChimp account with the click of a button

That’s it, you’re done!

Multi Platform Support

Every time a customer creates or updates their profile, their information will be updated in MailChimp almost instantly!

Your customers are updated hourly in MailChimp to keep your customer information as accurate as possible, and WineDirect is working on platform upgrades to make this process more instantaneous.

Get Started

Don't use MailChimp?

We called it Customer Connect for a reason

We built a connection with MailChimp first because we heard the need. Let us know what CRM platform you’re using so we know who to connect with next!