More options, more power: add-ons and templates for WineDirect

About Vintools

Vintools has the most experienced designers on the WineDirect platform.
We're passionate about creating well coded and beautiful templates for wineries on WineDirect looking for an affordable solution.

Peter Andres

Peter Andres worked at WineDirect (formerly Vin65) for over 8 years from its inception in 2005 to August 2013 as lead designer. He has built and managed hundreds of projects on the WineDirect platform and arguably has more experience than any other designer on the WineDirect platform.

Peter brings 20 years of web site development experience primarily focused on responsive design and UX development.  Peter’s core focus and strength is translating the client's business goals and branding guidelines into functional websites that render reliably across all supported devices and browsers and convert visitors to buying customers. 

Jared Siebert

Jared Siebert was recruited to join the WineDirect (formerly Vin65) front-end development team and spent 3 years as a developer at WineDirect. Jared's time as a developer was an important role to his knowledge of the WineDirect platform which has now become an integral part of each of our Vintools templates to ensure it meshes in harmony with the WineDirect system.

While primarily focusing on front-end development and responsive design, Jared's pursuit of programming has lead to clean, SEO friendly templates for WineDirect that are fast and reliable.